Kamikaze Crew

The Story So Far...

Introduction to the world.

The year is 2020. The world is mostly at peace for now thanks to the efforts of Dr Destruction and his Omega Squad, Tempest. It is a new age where former super villains help run governments as trusted allies, aliens have sought refuge from their tormentors, and government infrastructure has been rebuilt.

However, super villains do still exist- you can team up with the bad guys against a common enemy, but you can't always reform the bad guy.

A brief history

In 1999 an alien menace known as the K'tharan invaded the earth. They were ruthless, bloodthirsty monsters. Part shark, part alligator, and all hungry. They came in droves and slaughtered many.

2001 – Just when all hope seemed lost, another group of aliens appeared in our skies. They were the [[V'sori]]. They offered to aide us in fighting off the beasts, their long-hated enemies, and drive them back into the darkness of space. Alongside earth's greatest heroes, the V'sori defeated the K'tharan and sent them running.

2002- The earth rejoiced, and all around the planet celebrations were had. Super heroes were invited to lavish parties to toast to their success- and that's when they attacked.

The V'sori were not our friends. It had all been a ruse. They had used their position as ally to learn the heroes weaknesses. The K'tharan ships returned, and giant death rays rained down destroying the gathered heroes and even the underwater kingdom of Atlantis was not safe!

With earth beaten and broken, the V'sori took over with the K'tharan as their enforcers. They quashed all technology, abolished the press, and inserted themselves into the world's governments.

But all hope was not lost…

In 2003, just when things seemed their darkest, Dr. Destruction rose to action and gathered to him all the super villains into what he called Omega. Together they beat back the aliens and freed all Human and Atlantian kind.

Destruction went into a sort of retirement in 2006, leaving the running of things to his most trusted villian-turned-hero allies. Together they have put things mostly back into place, while also adopting alien technology to help fortify against possible future invasion.

But peace is boring, and idle hands are the Devil's plaything. Old villains have begun their antics anew, and new supers are poping up all the time- the old game of cat and mouse begins again…


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